About us

We are going to introduce our mindset

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Сomplex things in simple words


We know how is difficult to find the best product matches your preferences


Our goal - help people make their dreams come true, save money and increase profits

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Trying to reduce headache about finances

Mark Bezyaev


One of the ideas authors. Research, developing, financials.

Igor Samokhovets


One of the ideas authors. Marketing, developing, economies.

Igor Klockov


Tries to make the world better. Suggesting solutions and more.


Where are we going

  • Launching on ProductHunt and other platforms

  • Collecting analytics and user queries

  • Complete Deposits and Credit Cards section

  • Develop Loans, Car loans, Insurance services

Let us way to answer

All the frequently questions

How to get listed on pages?

Write an email to business@compario.es

What should to do if I see weird information?

We are apologizing about that, because it works as beta right now. We could miss some information. Write an email to compario@compario.es